Relationship Services

Sex and Porn Addiction Help for Couples

Sexually compulsive behaviours can have a seriously damaging impact on couples and relationships. Even though the trauma of discovery may feel that any future is hopeless many couples do navigate the storm of addiction.

Relationship counselling can help the couple understand and process the events that lead to unhealthy sexual behaviour. It can also aid the road to recovery, helping to repair a fractured relationship.

Relationship counselling can also help to address any unresolved issues, explore intimacy and teach couples how to communicate in a non-violent way.

We offer couples counselling at both our Henley-on-Thames and Buckhurst Hill centres.

We specialise in sex and porn addiction Relationship counselling

There is a lot of healing work involved in relationship counselling for both parties. Your counsellor will act as a mediator and will not take sides as they understand that sex and porn addiction is complex and blame is not helpful.


Sex and Porn Addiction Counselling will help you untangle the unwanted behaviours, put things in place that will help you to stop acting out, uncover the roots of the behaviour and give you tools and techniques to finally take control of your life.

Support Groups

The Cherry Tree Centres have various groups. The groups are aimed at the recovery of the sex and porn addict. We also have support groups in place for partners and family members of the addict as sex and porn addiction impacts on the more than just the addict.


We understand that recovery is not all about focussing on childhood trauma and attachments (although this can certainly help). Once abstinence is in place, the focus may be on the future and relationships] building without the distraction of unhealthy sexual behaviours.


The Cherry Tree Centres in both henley-on-thames and Buckhurst Hill offer training and workshops on.many areas of recovery and addiction. This includes training for therapists and health care professionals and workshops for addicts and their families,

Full Disclosure Service

Taking steps to do a full therapeutic disclosure can play an important part in recovery for both parties and the relationship.  Full disclosure done in the presence of a trained professional, managed in a professional and contained way can make all the difference between staying together and splitting up. 

More than one counsellor is required for a therapeutic disclosure. 

  • A counsellor trained in addiction and trauma work will help the partner formulate a set of questions to ask. These questions will be thought through carefully and will be guided by the counsellor.
  • An addiction counsellor will help the addict to write out a full written disclosure that will be shared with the partner. 
  • Either a separate relationship counsellor or the above counsellors will then guide the couple through the disclosure process in a safe, contained environment.
  • Follow up process sessions will be carried out by the respective counsellors.
Can your relationship truly recover?


Many couples are able to navigate recovery and go forward stronger than ever.

However, some couples do choose to separate. Where this is the chosen path, your counsellor will help you separate amicably

We chose to stay together. It wasn't easy but we got through it and we're stronger than ever.

Beth, 36