Psychosexual Therapy

We specialise in Psychosexual issues and Sex Therapy.

Psychosexual Therapy or Sex Therapy often plays a vital role in the sexual recovery of the individual or couple.

Sex can be seen as a taboo subject at the best of times but when there is sex or porn addiction involved this is often amplified. After disclosure or discovery, it can be difficult to reach out for support due to emotions such as anxiety, embarrassment, and shame.

If you are not currently in a relationship or engaging sexually with other people, your sexual self-esteem and confidence may be low due to performance anxiety or you may have built up high expectations around sex due to the unrealistic nature of the sex shown within the porn industry.

Compulsive sexual behaviour can have a huge impact on the intimate lives of individuals. Research has continued to show that there is a correlation between the accessibility of pornography and erectile dysfunction in younger men. This in turn can cause performance anxiety, a reduction in libido, and fear of intimacy.

As a result of sex and porn addiction:

  • Men may find that they struggle with a fear of sexual intimacy, porn-induced erectile dysfunction (PIED), premature ejaculation, true intimacy, or a loss of desire.
  • women may struggle with true sexual intimacy, vaginismus, dyspareunia, issues with orgasm, and a lack of desire and/or arousal.

As a result of discovery or disclosure:

  • both men and women may find that they develop psychosexual symptoms similar to those listed above.

Our therapists take an integrative approach to sexual issues, meaning they will draw on different skills, and modalities to address your issue. They will explore the issues through a lens of :

  • Biology
  • Emotions
  • Relationships
  • Social Expectations and Experience
  • Culture
Whatever your gender, sexuality, relationship preference, or status, psychosexual therapy or sex therapy can help you address any sexual issues.

There is a Psychosexual and Sex Therapist available at our Centres in Buckhurst Hill and Henley-on-Thames.

What to expect from sex therapy


As a nation we are shy about sex and in many families it is a taboo subject, Therefore, It can be extremely uncomfortable talking about sex to a complete stranger. Our therapists are trained professionals and will work compassionately, going at your pace.


Confidentiality is important when talking about personal and private matters. Your sex therapist will be bound by a confidentiality policy and would only break that if someone is at risk of harm or the law requires them to do so.


Improving your sexual relationships with yourself and others involves more than just talking.. Your counsellor will provide you with homework task to complete in between sessions. These tasks are fully explored in sessions


We provide on-going support. Once you have attended psychosexual therapy sessions and feel you are in a good place we can play a supportive role and check in with you every few months. Check-in sessions help to keep you and your relationships on track.

it can be better than ever


Eliminating sexually compulsive behaviours can open the gateway to true sexual intimacy that is based in reality and not fantasy.  What’s not to like?

psychosexual therapy

Reaching out was the hardest thing but once I'd made that call a weight lifted off my shoulders

Steve, 34