Partner's Support Group

Partner's Monthly Support Group

We offer a free online monthly support group for women whose partners have disclosed that they are struggling with porn and sex addiction.

Finding out your partner is a sex and porn addict can be truly devastating. You may question everything you thought you knew about the relationship and question whether you should stay or leave the relationship. You may feel embarrassed to discuss with friends and family who you may feel will not understand.

You do not have to be located in Henley or Buckhurst Hill as our support group is now online. The group is a safe place to share your story and your experience. It is a place to give and receive support from women going through exactly the same experience.

It is a safe space for you to come, to process, heal and rebuild.  

Our Group

Monthly online Support Group

When: Third Saturday of the month

Time: 10am -11:30

How: We will send you a Zoom link to join

Can my partner really be addicted to sex?


Has your partner not been able to stop their behaviour even though they wanted to? Has it impacted negatively on your relationship or interfered with their work? Has it escalated over time? If you have answered yes, this suggests your partner has an unhealthy relationship with sex and pornography which may need addressing with a professional.

Whatever is going on for your partner, this is not your fault. 

Please contact us to find out how we can support you.


I left my partner and had no one that I could be honest with. The group gave me a voice.

Emma, 48